Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What about Adam Kokesh?

With all the drama over ObamaCare, Government Shutdowns, and Conflict in the middle east (as usual) one man’s story has gotten overlooked. That man is Adam Kokesh. He is a political activist, former Marine, and podcast host. His political views would have the average American in a tizzy at first sight but would likely create a light bulb like effect if only they put down their TV remotes and gave him a chance. But as is the case with any honest hearted and gutsy American Adam Kokesh is sitting in jail for a crime that really isn’t a crime at all.
 photo 4a01018d-5324-49a5-9271-aefdd88127a0_zps30fa796f.jpg

At the end of May 2013 Adam took part in the Smoke Down Prohibition and found himself at the wrong end of a pair of handcuffs during the event. Now, one would be foolish to believe this was a simple coincidence. He had no marijuana in his possession and was charged with resisting arrest even though he went peacefully with the parks police. It just so happened that prior to this rally in early May of 2013 Adam announced he would assemble a crowd of peace loving gun owners to march around the Capital in DC with rifles slung over their backs in protest to talks in Washington about stricter gun laws. Adam and his crew quickly drew attention from both the mainstream and the alternative media with this ‘ballsy’ idea. He went on every show from Alex Jones to the local CBS news affiliate in his community. In fact, his Facebook event garnered so much attention that even the Captain of the DC police department issued a statement saying if Kokesh did try to carry out the march she would be greeting him at the entrance of the city to arrest him.
The problem with the march was in DC it is illegal to carry a weapon. This would be a complete act of civil disobedience. It wouldn’t have been violent or in any way harmful it would have simply been against the law. And just as quickly as the event had drawn attention it was quickly postponed. Instead, Kokesh decided it would be best if he called for all peace loving gun owners to stage their own open carry march on their own state capitals. But before the haters had a chance to call him every name in the book he decided to stage a small event of his own. (Allegedly) In the early morning hours of July 4th 2013 Kokesh took a camera, himself, and his shotgun and headed out to Freedom Plaza in DC. In an act of civil disobedience he loaded his shotgun while reciting a speech that should have every American behind him.

Shortly after the video was posted on YouTube Adam’s home and belongings were raided by police and he was put in handcuffs for over 8 hours while they searched his home for evidence to support the video. Since July 26th he has been sitting in jail. His trial begins on November 6th and still no vocal support from some of the biggest names in Gun Rights. Where is the NRA to come to his rescue? Where is Alex Jones to get the word out about his trial? So far, nowhere to be found, and as events have unfolded Adam is now without proper representation in court having lost his lawyer. In reality it is up to us to spread the word and help Adam get the representation he deserves. Below I have posted a link to Adam Kokesh’s website and if you support the right to freedom for all beautiful human beings then support this man. For he represents us all.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cyprus Banks to Steal Citzens Savings

More wonderful news out of the EU today, the tiny country of Cyprus will be voting whether or not to steal money directly out of individual savings accounts. The idea is proposed to help the country raise money to pay for their part of the bailout. The levy will take 6.75 percent of all savings accounts under $100,000 and a painful 9.9 percent on savings higher than that amount. There will be no reimbursement or bailout for the savers, just a general FUCK YOU this is what we owe and we are taking it from you to pay these vicious blood sucking banksters back. 

Just another example of the government running amok when given the power to do so. The people in Cyprus are furious, and rightly so. But the question now circulating is will this give rise to new distrust of the banking system, causing people all over the EU to pull their money out of banks? I personally doubt it, but I am no economist and certainly have no evidence to believe that. However, I think that is precisely what people ought to do! Why continue to give the banks the power to play with our hard eared money? It is amazing what people are willing to put up with for fear they are going against the norm.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Problem with Gun Control

After what happened at Sandy Hook in December the United States has been at war with itself. The idea of controlling guns was simply repugnant to gun toting Conservatives. On the other hand, Liberals simply refused to sit idly by while semi-automatic weapons were still in circulation. And the war had begun. With a newly re-elected President Obama, and Senator Dianne Feinstein's new Assault Weapons Ban we came to a great divide in America once again.

But behind all the rhetoric and talking points there are real philosophical issues with controlling guns. For one, living in a free society comes with the risk of negative things happening. This means that personal responsibility has to be first and foremost. In our reality, we are programmed to believe that we need the government in our life to make us safe. So people willingly give in to the idea that certain kinds of guns are the reason people kill each other. But is that really the case? Does violence have more to do with a natural disposition of human beings rather than certain weapons that are available?

Does anyone really believe that if AR-15s weren't available that would put an end to all mass killings? Is that a reasonable belief? Well, the facts say no. In 1927 one of the deadliest mass killings in US history occurred. A man who worked at the local school set off a series of explosions under the school and his home. A total of 45 individuals were killed, including 38 children. None of whom were killed with guns. The man was revengeful and was not deterred by the law that said, if you kill people you will go to jail for the rest of your life and/or be executed. This event was a tragedy and should have never happened, but it did. The idea that any law or legislative act will prevent people from killing one another is illogical.

 photo Dianne-Feinstein1_zps5e79ae21.jpg

Why Gun Laws are Ridiculous

Gun laws are put in place to protect regular citizens from criminals. However, the definition of a criminal is a person who has committed a crime. A crime is an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially : a gross violation of law. So by definition a criminal will never follow the law. The only 100% way to force the elimination of crime is to completely do away with all guns, knifes, and any other blunt or sharp object. Of course, you would also have to do away with any explosive chemicals, make furniture out of bubble wrap, and also make it illegal to own a vehicle, because all of these are "weapons" in the wrong hands. 
Liberals like to argue that gun laws will cut down the frequency of gun homicides. While that might be true, wouldn't other forms of murder simply go up?

Freedom vs Coercion

There is no better word for Senator Feinstein's bill other than, coercion. The United States claims to be land of the free home of the brave, but once again the gun control debate proves that we aren't truly free in this country. We are ruled by what the majority wants rather than the freedom of the individual. We are subject to laws we may have never agreed to, and are constantly reminded how every aspect of our lives should conform to what the majority decides is 'normal'. If and when we step outside these lines we are immediately punished even when we do no harm to anyone else. How is that free? I beg for anyone to answer that question..

Want to find out how extensive Feinstein's bill is? Check out the link.. Assault Weapons Ban Bill

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Katt Williams: Targeted by Illuminati

Katt Williams is a true comedic icon. He has been selling out venues for over 17 years. He has also been involved with numerous beefs over the years, including ones with Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx. While most of this is simply celebrity hype, there is a group of people Katt Williams has pissed off that is no joking matter. A year ago Katt Williams released the following music video on his website. Please watch it and then continue reading.

In the first verse Katt literally says, "Illuminati want me dead I walk around like I don't care." Then at the very end of the song he states: I wish you demons death. I don't know about you but Katt Williams seems very serious about this. The entire video is laced with Illuminati symbols, like the devil horns..

 and the all seeing eye..


Many people will claim that Katt Williams is on drugs and has simply suffered a breakdown of some sort. However, the fact that illuminant symbolism takes place on a constant basis and can be found in almost any given pop video proves how far reaching their power is. They are no longer hiding their occult agenda. They scream it in videos that are consumed by the youth of our nation. And unfortunately for Katt Williams it seems as though they will no longer let him continue screaming the truth.

Since 2006 Katt Williams has either been arrested or had run in's with 'authorities' at least 8 different times. One of which was a claim that he stole $3,500 worth of coins and jewelry from a home, and the following day he was let out on $40,000 bail. So tell me, what does a person who can post bail on $40,000 want with $3,500 worth of anything? It should be clear to anyone that can reason that Katt Williams is being targeted. In the video above I believe Katt Williams makes it perfectly clear who it is behind this harassment. The Illuminati.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Petraeus Ailes Controversy Highlights Media Involvement in Politics

In mainstream news today a story is unfolding. But within that story can be found more evidence of control and manipulation by the media. Top FOX news chairmen Roger Ailes, attempted to persuade then General Petraeus to run for president in 2012. Seemingly innocent enough, right? Well not exactly. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp, allegedly offered to 'bank roll' Petraeus' campaign. What does this mean? It shows how the owners of the media attempt to control the political climate. FOX news is of course an obvious example of complete bias against the Democratic party. However, they also showed bias against their own. People like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and many others have suffered from complete media blackout by News Corp. Simply put, Rupert Murdoch pushes the agenda of the Republican party (it also could be argued that of the Illuminati) on his viewers. With top ratings amongst other media outlets FOX news has the biggest audience to control and manipulate.

Regardless if you are a Democrat, Republican, or have no political affiliation, this story proves how elite media figures use their status to change the political climate of our country.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Facts become Opinions, America is Doomed

In attempt to discredit the facts I bring to the attention of any whom might listen, both an Obama supporter and a Republican targeted me recently on my Facebook page. One claimed I was supporting Obama, the other claimed I am a 'conspiracy theorist' who is only stating my opinion. They are the reason for this post. I am going to not only list my so-called conspiracy theories about Barack Obama, but also link back to mainstream media articles that discuss the topics. I am not one to argue with the mindless, but I do feel the need to defend my integrity. I am no liar, and I only believe things that I have thoroughly researched or have seen firsthand. And so goes the rest of this post..


In response to the recent re-election of President Barack Obama, I posted the following on my Facebook page, “Four more years of unauthorized military drone strikes, socialist healthcare, NDAA signing, Wall street bail out supporting, solyndra scandal defending, President of the United States. Oh America if you would only wake up to the reality of your country!” Fair enough right? Apparently not. In an effort to explain why the items I mentioned are facts I will break them each down individually. 

 1. Unauthorized Military Drone Strikes. According to an NBC article published on their website not my opinion, Pakistanis are infuriated that Obama was re-elected. Why? Well they are sick and tired of seeing their relatives slaughtered by drones flying above their heads. In addition, a CNN article highlights a study conducted by Stanford Law School and New York University's School of Law. The study stated that from 471-881 of all drone deaths are civilian causalities in Pakistan.NBC article   CNN article 

      2. Socialist Healthcare. The Affordable Healthcare Act is extremely controversial and has been since its conception, I would like to add that Romney wrote the original bill so this is not a partisan statement. I stated it is a socialist program. According to “Already, 34 States including the District of Columbia have received 100 percent Federally funded grants to build Exchanges.” Grant money that comes from taxpayers. Is that not socialism? Using money from the people to distribute it back into states to implement a government mandated healthcare program Check out the article from the 
       3.The NDAA. The controversial part of the NDAA  makes provisions to detain not only American citizens, but citizens of foreign countries. The ACLU agrees that this law is unconstitutional, and that alone should be enough for Americans to be up in arms about Obama signing it. Check out the link for yourself, I’m not making this stuff up. ACLU on the NDAA

      4.Wall-street bail out supporting, Solyndra Scandal defending. Our president has used taxpayer money to ‘invest’ in green energy companies that were destined to fail. In fact, heads of the scandal, Matt Rodgers and Steve Westly, were both spotted at one of Obama’s high priced fundraisers back in July, according to ABC news. Obama bailed out people who did and who continue to do him favors in his campaign. Check out these articles..Wallstreet Journal Online, ABC News

I’m not asking for everyone who comes by my page or blog to believe every word I write. I am simply asking for people to do a bit of research before accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist or ‘moron’. If we hope to advance as a nation and as a species we are going to have to put our differences aside, and learn to think outside of the flickering box in our living rooms.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republican. Democrat. Libertarian?

Obama is polling at 48 percent, Romney at 47 percent, and Gary Johnson is polling at 4 percent, hey wait who the hell is Gary Johnson? That’s right folks there is someone other than the two mainstream candidates running for president! Most people who read pro-Johnson rants assume the person has little knowledge of politics, and that any vote for a third-party will take a win away from the republican candidate. But is this thinking really morally or even patriotically correct? Why do Americans vote? We vote because a) We think we are choosing an individual to represent our values and ideals here and abroad, and b) Because we believe it is that patriotic thing to do. So my question to those who believe a vote for a third party is a wasted vote, why do you believe that? Let me guess, you have heard that Gary Johnson, or Jill stein or whoever chooses to run in an outsider party, can never win the presidency. Let’s think about why that is a fact, because it is.

Media Propaganda

Who controls the media? The top of the food chain boils down to Time Warner corp., Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and Disney. What agenda’s do they have? Well we know that Murdoch’s News Corporation owns FOX news here in the states, and that Time Warner owns CNN. The founder of CNN was Ted Turner, who recently when asked where he sees America’s role in the New World Order replied by saying he thinks the U.N. should be the police of the world. His agenda clearly does not include a free thinking Libertarian or Green Party candidate who wants the U.N. out of our lives. Now, Rupert Murdoch is better known for his lying malicious cut-throat News network that is clearly biased while claiming to be ‘Fair and Balanced’. So one simply needs to ask, why would these networks cover a third party candidate?

Vote for Freedom, Not a Party

It seems to me that as thinking intelligent Americans we should be more focused on what representative will live by our constitution while in office, then who can win. Barack Obama has already proven the constitution to be unimportant to him. Mitt Romney preaches tax cuts to millionaires, and seems to be more focused on this then discussing important issues such as ending the fed and the illegal income tax. For me personally, I like what Gary Johnson says and his ideas. I like the thought of ending the War on Drugs and ending the Fed. In two days I will be voting for a president that has my interests at heart and who cares about the real issues. And that to me isn’t a wasted vote it’s a vote for freedom.