Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Katt Williams: Targeted by Illuminati

Katt Williams is a true comedic icon. He has been selling out venues for over 17 years. He has also been involved with numerous beefs over the years, including ones with Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx. While most of this is simply celebrity hype, there is a group of people Katt Williams has pissed off that is no joking matter. A year ago Katt Williams released the following music video on his website. Please watch it and then continue reading.

In the first verse Katt literally says, "Illuminati want me dead I walk around like I don't care." Then at the very end of the song he states: I wish you demons death. I don't know about you but Katt Williams seems very serious about this. The entire video is laced with Illuminati symbols, like the devil horns..

 and the all seeing eye..


Many people will claim that Katt Williams is on drugs and has simply suffered a breakdown of some sort. However, the fact that illuminant symbolism takes place on a constant basis and can be found in almost any given pop video proves how far reaching their power is. They are no longer hiding their occult agenda. They scream it in videos that are consumed by the youth of our nation. And unfortunately for Katt Williams it seems as though they will no longer let him continue screaming the truth.

Since 2006 Katt Williams has either been arrested or had run in's with 'authorities' at least 8 different times. One of which was a claim that he stole $3,500 worth of coins and jewelry from a home, and the following day he was let out on $40,000 bail. So tell me, what does a person who can post bail on $40,000 want with $3,500 worth of anything? It should be clear to anyone that can reason that Katt Williams is being targeted. In the video above I believe Katt Williams makes it perfectly clear who it is behind this harassment. The Illuminati.


  1. i agree with most things in this post BUT i do have to say it seems like Katt is drowning in drugs. If he would stop looking and acting like he was on drugs 24/7 then maybe people would take him seriously when he talks about the Illumaniti.

  2. I truly believe there is a illuminati and that they want Katt to shut the f#*k up. I don't think as public as he has made it that they will kill him but they may drive him in to insanity. I hope not he is THE king of comedy and has paid his dues to get where he is. I believe that Suge Knight is tied into this shit. That man is a demonic bastard unto himself, Katt needs to steer clear of that piece of shit.